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U Haul van
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• Small furniture

• Boxes

• Local moves

• Ideal for short-notice moves

Convenient local option

Some moving trucks are designed to move large loads long distances. This is convenient when you need to go these long distances, but this convenience tends to be expensive.


U-Haul van rentals offer an alternative designed for short rentals and local transportation.

When you are moving, even if it is just one or two loads across the city, you want to keep your costs at a minimum. U-Haul van rentals are budget-friendly to keep your expenses low and your move stress-free. U-Haul vans are great for on-the-fly situations.

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Take advantage of the convenience

When you need to transport belongings, whether it is to your new storage unit, to a new home, or between offices, having a larger vehicle accommodates sizable items and eliminates the need to make several trips.

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